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We are women from different colors and walks of life, representing four decades of living in the jungles of Costa Rica from all over the world. We all have connected to unite through intention-based weekly meditation with an open circle, heart-healing approach.  


We show up intentionally and authentically to lift and support one another.  We have witnessed and experienced extraordinary growth, big, beautiful emotions, and powerful manifestations impacting our lives profoundly.

We honor the importance of diversity in all aspects of life, and there is a common thread upon which we thrive: we are in this together! 

The heart of She Became We

To be of service by sharing our truth so the collective can heal.

To unfold and evolve together, feeling lifted and inspired. 

To inspire dialogue that ignites connection and activation.

To sew the seeds of meaningful, healthy relationships and felt belonging.

To expand into our wildest, most passionate, capable selves and thrive.

She Became We - dedicated women showing up to build community and celebrate inspired empowered relationships.


You can connect with other amazing women in a safe and nurturing environment while exploring the importance of women coming together and supporting one another.


Let's make lasting connections and create something beautiful together!


IG Post.jpg
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